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ABOUT 2BGay web site

The aim of this site is to open minds and to encourage acceptance and support to anyone that may have difficulties understanding their sexuality or have faced any kind exclusion or discrimination because of homophobia and education to all that want it. We would love nothing else than to see more change in people’s hearts and for no one to be judged by their sexuality but to be loved for who they are and to never  feel excluded by others because of old traditional and out dated ways of thinking.I am a thirty five year old male and I was brought up in a society that to be called gay was a huge put down.Where it was illegal to be gay and you could be arrested and charged for your sexuality and it wasn’t until I turned about eighteen years of age before this very decimate law was finally removed as a crime.Since these much needed changes I have seen a movement in the way society sees and treats anyone who is gay, I have to admit it has been a slow and long road and we still have much to do but in my view at least we are now moving in the right direction and I can see a difference in the hearts of people and I think that the vote for marriage equality in Australia shows the change I speak about.Enjoy the 2BGay web site, please be kind to each other, show love to your fellow human, enjoy helping each other and smile it’s free.  

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